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Size of the studio: 20x10x3


Green screen section

Dimensions: 6x8x10

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No matter what and how you want to photograph, we are here for you and we are going to create beautiful photos every single time.

We have been taking photographs since 1989

Yes, we are an old company and we are using this fact as our advantage. Over the last couple of decades, we worked on literally anything and everything. We took impossible photos, rare photos, products, people and so much more.

We can take any photo you need

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What Attracts Visitors of Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with many beautiful landscapes such as waterfalls, tropical forests and beautiful beaches are the tourist magazine appreciated. Also, for those who love culture and history, it also has plenty of attractions to choose from such as museums, markets and the heritage recognized by UNESCO.

Kota Bharu

Banda Bharu is the capital of the state of Kelantan. In Malay, “Kota Bharu” means “new city” or “new fortress”. This is the appropriate venue for entertainment, dining, betting and shopping. You can easily visit the city by bus or taxi.

Central Market is probably the highlights of the city, bustling at both day and night. According to Lonely Planet, the bottom floor of the main market sells all kinds of food, while upstairs sells spices, textiles, bronzes and many other commodities.

Cameron Highlands

If you want to escape the heat, the Cameron Highlands is located on the Titiwangsa mountain range will be the ideal resting place for you. Visit the Cameron Highlands; you will have the opportunity to admire many England-style architectures.

According to historical documents, the highlands were first discovered in 1885 by an English explorer named William Cameron. Then, the British continued to build here many facilities like motels, station, schools, hospitals, tea farm … Thanks to the healthy climate, fertile soil so this place is also known for lush strawberry farms and tea plantations.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah and is famous for Kinabalu Mount. Kinabalu Mount belongs to Kinabalu National Park which has peak with 4095.2 m, the highest mountain between the Himalayas and Papua New Guinea. Considered the rooftops of Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu fascinated tourists by its rare beauty.

Kota Kinabalu is also famous for the mosque, the bustling markets and museums. Also, those who love outdoor activities can visit the tropical forests or national parks.

Malaysia-9Kota Kinabalu has many vibrant markets and bustling night, the night market in generally operate from 5 pm until midnight. Some famous night market you can refer to as: Pasar Malam Sinsuran, Pasar Malam Pasar Malam Kampung Segama and Air.


Kuching is a gorgeous city in Malaysia and also the largest city on the island of Borneo. This is also the main gateway for tourists to visit the Borneo rainforest and Sarawak state.

Kuching is also famous for the delicious street food in the world. According to many tourists, if you want to enjoy the many delights of Kuching, you can come to Pandungan road or Jalan Satok weekend market. And if you want to buy the vintage and unique souvenirs product, the Kuching weekend market will be the best suggestion for you.

Malaysia Travel Packages

There are different types of travel packages for Malaysia available considering this is a leading holiday destination and people from all over the world flock to this magical land to experience its myriad sights and attractions. Malaysia is a country where people from different strata of society can enjoy a marvelous holiday and therefore even budget is not a constraint considering plenty of cheap Malaysia travel packages are available. Most of these travel packages for Malaysia are designed to take care of all the travel arrangements so that travelers should not face any kind of a problem at all. You can even participate in a game at sennibet and win free holiday package.

These travel packages for Malaysia is about getting the most out of this beautiful country. It is about soaking in the diverse array of sights that this enchanting country offers. Malaysia is a country that is literally a melting pot of cultures where people of diverse backgrounds have made this country their home. The scenic beauty of this country is unimaginable considering it boasts some of the world’s most exotic beaches, tropical rainforests, verdant landscapes and rustic atmosphere.

There are cheap Malaysia travel packages that primarily focus on beach resorts such as Langkawi, Penang, Mabul Island, Kapalai Island and Sipadan Island. All these exotic islands with their stunning beaches provide a perfect combination of adventure, excitement and relaxation. These travel packages for Malaysia not only offer the perfect gateway to beautiful beaches and destinations within Malaysia but also cover all the travel arrangements including accommodation, sightseeing and travel.

Whether one is traveling on a budget or in the mood to splurge, these cheap Malaysia travel packages cater to every budget. There would be many who would be interested to simply explore the scenic beauty of the beaches while some may be interested in the cultural aspects of Malaysia. There may be some others who would like to go do the off-beaten track and explore the rustic countryside and therefore since Malaysia has so much to offer, it is not surprising that so many different kinds of travel packages to Malaysia are available.

These cheap Malaysia travel packages are extremely convenient because they cover everything one looks for in a perfect holiday package. These packages cover some of the most beautiful cities, islands and beach resorts of Malaysia thereby offering a complete holiday package. Depending on one’s taste and preferences, one can choose the package that meets all their requirements.

Malaysia Travel

Malaysia Travel – Land Of Rainforest And Beaches

If you want to experience the diversity of all Asian Cultures in a Single destination, then Malaysia is the first choice. It is a land with a multi-racial people living in harmony and peaceful co-existence. Malaysia’s capital is Kuala Lumpur and it is a cosmopolitan modern city with a prosperous growth.  The city is house to world’s tallest buildings such as Formula-Grand Prix Track and scintillating shopping malls.

Kuala Lumpur is also a house to Petronas Twin Towers which is really an amazing architecture where two tallest similar looking towers are connected by a bridge link. This in turn stands up as country’s biggest attraction where many tourists visit this place.

Malaysia is geographically located near to the equator line and hence enjoys tropical climate.  There will be lush tropical rainforest filled with a variety of plant and animal life. Flora and fauna are rich in Malaysia.  With Malaysia’s perpetually hot and humid climate, there’s not much of a choice about when to go. However, to avoid heavy rains, August-September and November-February are the months to stay away from Malaysia.

Malaysia’s another attraction is golden sandy beaches. These beaches are located away from the city and the local transportation facilities such as Buses, Cabs and Trishaws available to travel to other places.

Penang is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient” , the most exciting and beautiful places located at close distances.  Langkawi Islands, famous for its priceless treasures- the sea, golden beaches, thick green forests and calm blue lakes that attract and capture visitors permanently. Genting Highlands is another tourist destination, where people have fun and entertainment to play sportsbook Malaysia.  To reach Genting Highlands cable car facility is provided and many restaurants present here. Also it has a huge adventure theme park which is a must visit for all young and old.

Cameron Highlands is another place where it will take hardly 4 to 5 hours to reach here from KL. Some of the key attractions here are the vegetable farms, museums and galleries, flower nurseries, tea plantations, strawberry farms and honey bee farms.

Malaysia is the best place for shopaholics where they will find all needed things and Malaysia is regarded as a shopper’s paradise from all parts of the world. It is a home for branded designer goods as well as local intricate goods. The exchange rate of currency is also quite moderate. Thus, book your trip to enjoy the holiday in Malaysia